Marker Polar

Get back to life &
make informed trades.

Stay Connected - Not Tethered

Set custom event thresholds on your Android and Iphone devices for your favorite coins on your favorite exchange. Allowing you the freedom to go about your daily life, and be alerted when it is time to take action.

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Marker Polar

Set custom market alerts for
your favorite exchanges.

Mark Polar is a simple app designed to effortlessly keep you alerted of market changes through push notifications to your personal mobile device.

Real-time - Not All-the-time

   Marker Polar was created out of a need to have round the clock exchange monitoring without the need for a sophisticated algorithm or expensive personal time investment.

   Designed to save your relationship and help make you a more successful trader.

Simple Algorithms - Big Results

Fibonacci Retracement

   Be alerted whenever the price falls within a certain fibonacci level. 0% - 23.6%, 23.7% - 38.2%, 38.3% - 50%, 50.1% - 61.8%, 61.9% - 100%

Price Watch

   Be alerted if the price rises or falls below a set price. Good for monitoring stop-limit trades or catching trips to the moon for your favorite currency.

Not an Exchange - Not a Portfolio

   All of this magic is made possible by the various exchanges public API's, and designed as a companion app for the exchange.

   There is no complicated signup process, just an email and password, and you can start setting custom alerts.

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