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Omnom Studio is the home of many experiments, resources, and mobile apps. The verity of which can be exceedingly extensive, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Projects include experiments with web 3.0 decentralized apps, blockchain technology, artificial neural networks, bitcoin trading applications, insult generation, and picture classification. We always have something new in coming down the pipe so be sure to check back often for new and creative projects! If we think we can make your life easier or more fun we want to be a part of it, technology drives our creativity, user experience inspires our enterprise.

Justin Molitor

Omnom Developer

About Justin

Justin Molitor, company founder and lead developer is a passionate, creative experimentalist formally trained in C#, .NET and JavaScript, preferring the latter. He is exceptionally zealous when it comes to block chain technology, developing mobile software and Crypto Currency. Justin has never been one to be deterred by the unknown and strives to live on the cutting edge; a futurist if there ever was one. He is the heart and soul of Omnon Studio and the driving force for our projects.

Matthew Sines

Omnom Project Manager

About Matte

Mathew Sines, a Pittsburgh native is a true jack-of- all-trades. An Edinboro Alumni specializing in Philosophy Matthew has had his hands in everything from fashion to finance and thrives on adaption and high pressure scenarios. Matte was tapped by Justin Molitor to be the Project Manager here at Omnom for precisely these attributes and versatility. He now serves as primary coordinator creative protectionist for the company.

Jennifer Sines

Omnom Marketing Yogi

About Jenny

Jennifer Sines serves as our eyes and ears for our company as well as our Outreach Manager. Her experience as a self promoter and entrepreneur make her a vital component of the Omnom team. Her studies range from HACC to renowned Yogi Choudhury Bikram. She is a motivated self-starter and not only is our marketing specialist but functions as spiritual and wellness principal as well. Jennifer’s talents are as essential as they are extensive. Namaste!

Alex Forbes

Omnom Designer

About Alex

Alexander Forbes is our resident creative. His artistic ability finds its way into almost every project Omnom Studios produces. His expertise include game design, game development, digital content creation and photography. If it is fun and from Omnom Studio you can thank Alex.

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