Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Story of Babel

A universal language generally yields two thoughts. Either one of the mass acceptance of the current self language, or an alternative language in which neither two parties are familiar with. Yet, perhaps there is a third thought. One which pervades the soul and is cast like shadows on a caves wall. One that sings from a melody and is joined in chorus. Perhaps the most unifying bond of philosophy music stands at its epicenter as the carrier of ideas, the fuel of emotion, and the manifest of imagination. Without it life for many would be a struggle.

Imagine yourself able to create a form of music in which people could unite from all different parts of the human spectrum. Perhaps it would take an artist from every popular music genre, or perhaps a new music genre that has not yet been experienced. Regardless, the result is a product that reaches to all audiences implacably. In this scenario instruments make up the tools of discovery.

Now imagine a world where there was no music. Imagine that you had the idea for music. None of the infrastructure existed for you to broadcast your idea. Every musical instrument still needed to be discovered. Every good chord progressed for the first time. Never knowing for sure whether your music was what you think music is and not simply just noise because there is no basis of comparison. Imagine failing at this discovery, and being forced to conclude that music is a bad idea.

It really makes me wonder how many of these ideas have been lost throughout history. Perhaps the ideas where not as instrumental to life as music (pun intended), but at times it feels that way with new technology. The truth is that every good idea, good business, or good experience comes from the story of Babel because it brings people, things, or places together. That is all it really takes to make a successful business, whether that be contracting where you bring yourself to others, or financial software where you afford those the means to hire contractors. In this way money is very much like music. It brings people from all across the globe together over a common denominator. Money is valueless without other people to share it with. Perhaps the same is true about music.

This is where I often feel like we find Bitcoin. Standing at the front gates of the Tower of Babel singing a song that only a few people can hear. Facing the impossible task of speaking everyone's language. Of course it is going to succeed. Of course our music is going to evolve. Of course it is not actually standing at the gates, but careening faster than the speed of light from the heavens above towards the epicenter of Babylon hell bent on total destruction and coming whether or not Babylon wants it.

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